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From: Jesse Hale
Subject: Garth'sPleasure3. Gay Fiction. IncestThe following story is fictional! If you are not old enough to read this,
please don't. Otherwise, enjoy! Any names mentioned are coincidental, and
have nothing to do with the people mentioned, yadda yadda you know the
drill. The day Garth was home would change his life. It was a warm summer day. It had been almost a week since Cody had taken
his cherry and Garth had masturbated several times a day to that
fantasy. Strange enough, Dallas hadn't bothered him all week, as he was too
busy to relieve himself due to somesort of essay he had to write for
college. Garth enjoyed the solace and the tranquility of being alone in his
room. As mentioned before, this summer day would change his life. Everyone was
out; his mother and sister Julia had gone to the supermarket, his father
gone on a business trip overseas. Dallas was in class. Garth heard the
light sound of an engine idly in his driveway. His heart began to rush when
he looked out the window to see an unrecognizable vehicle. Who the hell was
it? Finding himself curiouser and curiouser, he paced down the steps like a
ninja, always careful in his movements and approached the door. He peered
slightly out the window and noticed it was someone possibly his age, maybe
a tad older. The doorbell than rang, sending a trigger of fear into Garth's
heart. He took a deep breath and opened the door."Hello?" he asked nervously."Hi," the boy replied. Garth took in his immediate beauty. Taut, very
skinny, lean (possibly muscular?) spiked blond hair and the perfect little
chestnut eyes."What can I help you with?" Garth knew he didn't recognize the boy. Was he
lost?"I..." the boy stammered, looking away. "Are you Garth?"Garth froze and nodded."Then I've heard about you."Garth repeated his previous action. "How...?"The boy began to laugh. "I heard about you on campas. Your brother was
telling someone about you and your cocksucking skills. I thought I could
get in on the action without Dallas knowing." he sneered.Garth darted his eyes away. GREAT! His brother was telling the entire
world. He then allowed the boy to step into his home and they went
immediatly to Garth's room. "What's your name?" he asked the young lad.The boy could not have been over 20 (as he was in the same class as Dallas)
and stood about 5'10. He had a very lean body, and was almost paper
thin. Garth admired the spikes in his hair, which shot up like darts
covered Bbs Preteen Models in gel. His chestnut eyes were gleaming in complexion, hightening
the boy's facial features. His chin was interesting, a bit off center, but
still attractive."The name's Nate." he said, smiling. Garth figured he had braces at once
point."And I'm oh so sure you know mine." Garth said sarcastically.Nate nodded in reply and then there was a moment of silence. Moments passed
before the boy made the first move."You gonna suck me off or what?" Nate's body was not near anything close to Cody or Dallas, but Garth
admired it still. His chest was blank of hair, except for a path of
delicious blond-sandy blond pubes. He had a defined chest, but he still
needed to work at it to even create a six pack. He possibly had a four
pack, if that counted. His bottom had a nice feel to it though. Bbs Preteen Models Garth then focused on his cock. A sizable cut member, possibly 7.8" inches
in length."Go on baby," he whispered. "Go on and suck it."Garth obeyed, but he was used to being taunted and tormented into sucking
dick, not just it being given to him nicely. He was used to domination!
Nonetheless, Garth happily took the horny penis into his mouth, and eagerly
sucked along the shaft, causing poor Nate's body to ripple and shake with
pleasure."Dominate me." Garth suggested, pulling out to jack only slightly. He
nodded and took hold of Garth's hair, to his utter delight."Suck on my fucking cock you little bitch!" Nate hollered. Garth smiled to
himself and went even faster on Nate's raging cock. He could hear the moans
he was used too, Bbs Preteen Models the groans and the utter ripple of pleasure. As time passed, Nate got more dominate. He began face fucking Garth up
against his bedside, pulsating his raging, slobbering Bbs Preteen Models cock into the poor
boy's mouth at lightning speed. He panted and was moaning so loudly."God you little bitch," he said. "I'm gonna shoot in your mouth."Garth managed a nod and a smile.Before long, the explosion of Nate's cock erupted in Garth's mouth like a
volcano. Gushes of sperm (Garth hadn't felt so much!) wept down his throat
and into his stomach. It seemed like a river of cum. Nate withdrew, panting like a dog, falling onto the ground via pleasure."That was..." he breathed. "Intense."Garth nodded and grinned. Then he heard a faint sound... a door creaking
open? To be continued...?Ahhh, yes, Garth is in trouble now isn't he? Anyways, if you have any
comments or feedback, feel free to email boxerboilive.ca. I reply to
everyone. \fs20
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